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At New Hope Church, the great commission is very important. We believe that people matter to God and they ought to matter to us, as the church. The great commission mandate from Jesus to His church requires us to become friends of the unevangelized, unchurched and unloved. We must value the dignity and worth of all people. We must sacrificially give ourselves to the task of evangelization. This begins with our family and friends and then reaches beyond to a world in need of a Savior. We also desire to be a healthy missions-active church. We want to take a proactive posture towards reaching the world with the love of Christ. In addition, we want to be a key component in fulfilling the Great Commission all over the globe.

George Cline

Foursquare Missions International (FMI): FMI Representative


George Cline, associate director of FMI and U.S. missions coordinator, George is key because he is "making a connection of Foursquare pastors and missions" while "putting a face on missions." His heart is to connect the American church and its pastors to global missions. 


George led a team of New Hopers, including Pastors Ken and Lori Worley, on an intital trip to Ireland in the Fall of 2014. Many Kingdom connection were made and we are looking forward to more connections in the future.


New Hope has taken several trips to Ireland. We hope to continue making meaningful connections and begin planting churches in the Ireland area and surrounding region in the years to come.


Please be praying for great fruit that remains and consider giving money to support this missions effort. Contact the New Hope Church Office to find out ways to give financially towards the trips taken or place a check or cash in the Sunday morning offering labeled "UK Missions" on any Sunday morning. 




Surekha & Chrishani Hulugalle

Foursquare Church National Leader: England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland






Griffiths 2019.jpg

Jonathan & Sarah Griffiths

Foursquare Missions International (FMI): Missionaries Great Britain


Jonathan Griffiths, an ordained Foursquare minister, was born and raised in England. Sarah, the daughter of a Foursquare minister, grew up in the U.S. and is also a licensed minister with Foursquare. Jonathan and Sarah met in the UK, volunteering with Youth for Christ. They served for a decade in Idaho, with three years as Senior Pastor in Nampa, ID. In 2016, they deployed to England where they live with their four young children making disciples, raising leaders and planting churches.


They are currently working in Cheltenham, England. They are establishing their first missional community with a vision to see a network of these neighborhood churches who make Jesus visible in every street of Cheltenham.

Mike & Mary Bave

Foursquare Missions International (FMI): Pembroke Dock, Wales


Mike Bave is a national of Wales. He and his wife Mary have returned to the land of his birth to assist the United Kingdom national Foursquare leadership in planting churches throughout Wales, where currently there is no Foursquare presence.

The Baves have recently accepted an invitation to pastor Bethel Chapel, an independent historical church in the town of Pembroke Dock, with a view to planting other Foursquare churches from this base.


They are planning creative ways to reach the community of Pembroke Dock – designated by the Welsh government as a town of deprivation – through such projects as “Bethel Restaurant” serving good quality inexpensive meals, and a ministry called “Messy Church,” an innovative outreach to children and their parents.


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