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Adult Ministries

​Adult Ministries are a valuable part of our church. We, at New Hope Church, love and value people of all ages, male and female who come from all kinds of different backgrounds. There is a place in the body of Christ for all people. This is the reason why we try to make available lots of ministries so that each person can find their place. Whether it be  our Women's Ministry, Cleansing Stream,  or Men's Ministry  we attempt to give each person a place to connect, build relationships, and grow in their walks with the Lord. We hope that each person can find their place to connect, fellowship, grow and develop as followers of Jesus Christ.​

Men's Ministry

The New Hope Church Men's Ministry is committed to helping all men find achieve greater wholeness and a better sense of their purpose. This desires to be a place where every man is welcome to come worship, study the Word, fellowship and grow in their walk with the Lord. New Hope Men's Ministry believes that men need to stand together to fight the good fight of faith. Men need to be encouraged and challenged in their faith to grow into the sons, fathers, husbands and people that Jesus desires men to be.



Women's Ministry

The vision of this group is to encourage and inspire women of our church and our city to embrace and live out the God-given destiny that is upon their lives. NH Women's Ministry desires to encourage and empower women to be the daughters, mothers, wives and people that Jesus desires women to be. This ministry is a place where all women can come, belong, be loved, fellowship with others, grow in the Word of God, and develop as a follower of Jesus Christ.​

​Contact Pastor Lori Worley, our Women's Ministry Leader, for more information regarding this group and its upcoming events.


Cleansing Streams

Cleansing Stream is a ministry that helps old and young find wholeness, healing and freedom through the power of God's love and forgiveness.

Through a 6-week series of teachings, open and honest group discussions, individual study time and a 1-day retreat, Cleansing Stream seeks to give you Biblical foundation and the practical ministry that leads to greater healing and restoration in Christ. Cleansing Stream Ministries hopes to help individuals find greater meaning, purpose and wholeness so that they can be better followers of Jesus. ​

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